My First Cookbook


WOW! I just googled my cookbook and found it on Amazon already. Now I thought they(Schiffer) set the price WAY WAY too high(that’s not what I wanted and told them that, that’s not my way of doing business and never has been even at my vegetable stand) but I see Amazon cut the price down at least $10 dollars. I am VERY happy about that. Now I hope you folks will spread the word for me. In other words, I would be very grateful if you shared this link.
When I had my vegetable stand in Bangor, I always sold for less than every single vegetable stand around. Why? Because of one reason. If you could have seen the faces of all the retired, low income people who came, you would understand. It was so nice to be able to see these people fresh vegetables, knowing they could afford it. I had dozens of people come in with a dollar and buy 2 ears of corn, a cuke and just an apple. That’s the approach I wanted for the cookbook as well.

It just did my heart good knowing that good nutrition wasn’t so far away from those who thought they couldn’t afford it. And that is the same way I want all of my cookbooks, accessible to EVERYONE.