Bring Us Some Toffee Pudding…..

Like Plum Pudding, this dessert is really a cake. Generations ago, it was prepared and then dumped in a bag of any material a family had. Being tied as tightly as possible, it was then dunked in a pot of … Continue reading

It’s Play Time!

Since the 1950s, the “Pinch Me” bread has been popular as a play food here in the U.S. but few other places. Even though it has been referred to as African Monkey Bread in the past, there is just no … Continue reading

Melt In Your Mouth

We are talking about a dessert that is elegant, exploding with taste and “melt in your mouth” smooth. It is Gelee. This is simply a French word for jelly, or a little deeper-flavored gelatin to be precise. I have always … Continue reading

Beansmeats…..That’s It!

Now those of you who don’t live in or around Maine probably don’t know much about W.A.Bean and Son’s but I will tell you one thing, they have the best mincemeat(next to my father’s) that I have ever eaten. From … Continue reading

Gluten Free for my Friends

I have not only spoken with many people who suffer from Celiac Disease but I have a few friends who are intolerant of gluten. Because of the length of this column, I will keep this brief. You don’t have to … Continue reading

A Great Yankee Cake

This Says Yankee! The reason isn’t because of the rum, brown sugar or eggnog, but the warmth it brings just looking at the finished product. Imagine curling up in your favorite blanket, feet up on the couch or on the … Continue reading

Savory and Sweet

Being a Yankee Chef and the foremost New England Food Historian, I am well versed in the cuisine of our varied cultures that have designated our shores as home. What separates my recipes from others is the reintroduction of simplicity … Continue reading

Stuff This, Too!!

With the Holidays coming up, I though I would devote more of my space to desserts. I would like to start with the Mother of all New England Holiday desserts, Rice Pudding. Old Fashioned Baked Rice Pudding 3 1/2 c. … Continue reading