A Yankee Chef version of home-cooked mac-n-cheese

We all love Mac and Cheese and there are many ways of preparing it so that it is more filling. Try adding gnocchi to the lot. A great alternative to traditional pasta and just a tad more filling. Combining the … Continue reading

A Great Weekend Breakfast

Eggs Florentine is classically made as below but with Mornay sauce poured over the top. although I truly love Mornay(cheese sauce made with Parmesan and another cheese)sauce, I wanted to go healthy, just for one morning. I added some grated … Continue reading

Making the Perfect Stuffed Chicken

I have made literally 100s of stuffed chickens, be it Cordon Bleu’s, Kievs or Broccoli and Cheese and although they are delicious, crispy and turn out beautifully, they were not perfect. Yup, that’s right! Not perfect! Sometimes the breading will … Continue reading

Crispy Crunch Irish Burgers

The sun is pooping out today so I thought why not enjoy a burger with Ireland in mind. It didn’t take long to think about how I wanted to enjoy my first burger of the season. Although not quite ready … Continue reading