Personally, Again!

As many of you know, I love to give credit and acknowledgement to people in the immediate area that not only inspire me, but have shown the simple acts of kindness, honesty, integrity and above all, social skills. Now what do I mean by social skills? It is as simple as walking into a store and being greeted with a smile, or offering to go that extra step to find you something or helping you with bringing an item to your vehicle when help is needed. But most of the time, it is just plain being nice and courteous. In The Maine Edge, I have honored(in my own way)a couple of people, in the persons of Eric Fury of Pro Libris Bookstore and the nice folks over at Perkins Appliance Center in Brewer. Both these men know their trade and were(and are) the nicest people you would ever want to meet.

Now there are two more men I would like to give a nod to, David Simonds, of Bangor and Jay Jenkins, of Brewer. Now I don’t know if they truly are of these respective towns, but their businesses are.

David Simonds is an attorney that I have had the utmost pleasure getting to know over the past couple of years. He has a small practice in Bangor and employs two ladies I think the world of. Although I feel ashamed that I don’t recall the older lady’s name that works there in her spare time, but I have had many conversations with her and I would adopt her as my grandmother in a second. The other lady(and pllllease forgive me if I spell your name incorrectly) is Kristy. What a peach! Now I am speaking on a personal level, not professionally. If they honor their profession as they honor and acquaint themselves personally to everyone that strolls in there, they, too, deserve to be honored. I just can’t say enough good about their souls and upbeat personality. Here is their link and I do hope you take a peak at. And while you are at it, the building, David’s office is in, is absolutely beautiful. So even if you aren’t in the market for professional, personable and time-honored council(Davids grandfather was in the law profession as well), just meander the hallways of his Columbia Street office building and see the “harken back” atmosphere.

The other man and his business I would like to give kudos to is Jay Jenkins, of Reboot Computer Services of Brewer. I have known Jay for many years, and there is one thing I really need to extoll about his virtues. Jay will drop everything to help you. Although he is one of the busiest men in his chosen field in the area, he never says no, he always smiles and is so knowledgeable about his profession it is scary. When he says hi to you, you know he absolutely enjoys your patronage. You can tell just by his tone. I just cant say enough good about this man and his little “hole-in-wall” shop other than thank you Jay for being a true master of your profession and realizing that a smile doesn’t cost you a cent.




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