A Bronx Cheer

First, those of you who have never heard of a Bronx cheer, it is when you put your tongue between your lips and blow, hahahaha.

I am always stunned at the interest for The Yankee Chef’s column. I picked up my(I believe)12th publication today. Now I don’t know if it is appropriate or not but at least I can say seacoastonline.com made their decision to pick my column up mainly because I blog and write for the BDN. They took at peek at my columns here and made the final decision. I am tickled pink. I have most of the state of Maine covered now, with the exception of Western Maine. I also have my column appearing in all New England states except Massachusetts, but am diligently working on that.

while I am at it, I would like to poke fun of a couple of newspapers who have declined me. The reason? Because The Yankee Chef doesn’t write recipes like Parsley Crusted Fresh Tuna in Lemon Reduction with Asian infused, Grilled Fennel Bulb, topped with Coconut Foam.

All I can say is, even though that is a very simple dish to make, how many of you in Yankee-land would even attempt this, let alone spend the money not only for the food, but special equipment to make it????…That’s what I thought.

I am thankful for all these doors that have opened up for me, thankful for everyone who reads my column and puts up with the frequent typos, thankful for all my family and friends that were there at the beginning and conti9nue to support me in eve3ry way and I am thankful that I have a profession and work ethic that was totally pushed to me by my father, Chef Jack Bailey. There were times when I sure missed going outside and playing ball or going camping more often when I was a teen, but my Dad needed help at  his restaurants so I was there for him from the age of 14 years. Looking back, I don’t miss what I missed at that time because I have qualities I can instill in my children and hopefully these ethics will keep trickling down for many more generations.

Thank you everyone for reading my column and I do hope you continue and take advantage of some recipes once in a while. In the meantime, I would not only like to poke fun of those papers who want recipes that are fun to read and marvel at (but never made at home)but I love doing things with children. Getting them involved with cooking and watching them enjoy themselves in the outcome, give the following a try. It is not only a great departure from traditional popcorn balls, but the kids will love them. So with a Bronx cheer to those publications who “politely declined my column”, these really are fun to make.


Jello Popcorn Balls
What a great, fun and easy recipe for the children during the Holidays. Use any flavored gelatin you like(or the children like).

Jello Popcorn Balls

Makes about 12 balls

12 c. popcorn
1 c. light corn syrup
1/2 c. sugar
1 package Jello, any flavor

In a pot, heat sugar and corn syrup until they boil over medium-high heat. Meantime, place all of your popcorn in a very large bowl. Remove from the heat, stir in the Jello and pour over the popcorn. Let it sit on your counter for a few mintues, just long enough to be able to handle it. Then spray your hands with some nonstick cooking spray and start making popcorn balls. That’s it!