Breast Cancer Awareness and The Yankee Chef

I haven’t said a word to anyone, not even family, about the choice of pink as my signature chefs coat. If anyone asked, I simply said it was my favorite color, as it was my father’s as well. This IS true, however…
My mother died when I was a teen of breast cancer, having gone through a mastectomy. On most every YouTube video, blog posts, websites, newspapers I currently write for and every opportunity I get in front of the camera or in public, I wear my pink chefs coat. I never wanted to mention the true meaning of my choice of pink because I never once wanted anyone to think that I was using the true meaning to gain anything financial or otherwise. It was, and is, a very personal decision, but after pondering if I was making the right decision keeping it hidden, I realized that it was the wrong decision.
To keep it a secret was doing a disservice to a great cause as well as a disservice that would ultimately honor my mother, Marilyn Moody, my biological mother. I grew up with Anne, my stepmother but how I hate that word, stepmother. There isn’t any reason to hate it but it just seems that the moniker, stepmother, doesn’t even begin to describe the love and nurturing Anne gave me from the age of 2 years to the present. So with love for Anne, and enduring memories of the struggles my biological mother lived through while battling breast cancer, I honor her and all breast cancer victims, survivors and those struggling with this nasty affliction with my pink chefs coat.
I want to stand out among all chefs worldwide, not only because I am one of the very few(if any) male chefs that don a pink chefs coat but because I want to bring breast cancer awareness with me as I navigate my way to the top. I want everyone to see and become aware that The Yankee Chef signifies awareness right alongside my culinary abilities in every arena I am seen at.
So there! I said it!! The Yankee Chef is proud to wear pink, in honor of me, my father, my mother and all the women who struggle or who have struggled. Thank you and I hope to see and hear from everyone not just about food, but about awareness. I am currently availing myself to the Susan G.Komen Foundation by telling them I am at their disposal in anyway I can help. I visited with them today and I have never met two more wonderful woman in the likes of Sally Bilancia and Becky Kash. When I sat down with them today, I felt that they felt! It is just that simple! I am glad and honored to be at their beck-and-call for anything they see fit to bring awareness to the mass.