I Want To See Everyone

I have the distinct pleasure of haven been invited to the Bangor Book Festival the weekend of the 19th of October. Even though every other author will have their book their to sign, my book won’t(regrettably) be ready till January. Until then, I have my posters, flyers and pre-order forms to hand out along with some goodies I think everyone will enjoy. What I have will truly bring you back to the day when you walked into a Yankee General Store, bought a handful of crackers, a slab of great Cheddar cheese right off the wheel and some great smoked W.A.Bean’s ham. Although I could make something that will be comparable to my “roomie” , the amazing Kate Shaffer, I am ultimately the Yankee Chef and I want to stand by the old time persona. Kate and her husband Steve own a cafe on Isle au Haut, and she is the author of  Desserted: Recipes and Tales from an Island Chocolatier.

I look forward to seeing both old and new faces and come on in between 1:30 – 3:00 pm –Bennett Gallery in Downtown Bangor on October 20. Pull up a chair and chat with us. those of you who know me know that I love talking about anything New England, especially old recipes, ways of cooking, food and life in general since New England’s colonization. Bring in some old recipes that have been handed down in your family. Chat with me about your old memories of the kitchen, whether it be you, your mother or grandmother. About all of you sitting around the table enjoying food and family. Heck, come in and try to stump me. Above all, just come in, say hi and harken back when friends got together for a few and just enjoyed each others company. Reach in the barrel and grab some crackers, I will cut you a slab of cheese and top it off with a hunk of Bean’s ham.

I would truly enjoy your company and I think you will enjoy mine. Hope to see you on the 20th.