“My Bad”

I am going to humble myself right now and admit a fault that I have had. Although my cooking skills are second to none(If I do say so myself), I fully admit that I need to pay more attention to proofreading. I do sincerely apologize for any confusion in any of my recipe posts and ask that you continue to follow me. In return, I will stop being so complacent in my chosen field and pay attention to details.

My problem is, I think certain recipes and columns are easy to prepare but don’t take into consideration that others may not have made soup, desserts, main dishes and other food preparations as much as I have over the years, so it is easy for me to sit back and think that everyone else should know how to assemble certain dishes. I have always considered myself a “working man’s” chef and I certainly don’t act the part at times.

So to sum up this humbling post, forgive me and know that I will pay meticulous attention to detail from now on. And thank you to all of you who read my column and hope you continue to read and email me. I answer each and every email and query, regardless of if it is a “shame on you for neglecting” email or a simple “thank you” mail.

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