I Am Truly Thankful

I don’t even know where to begin. Other than those people and companies I have mentioned in my previous post, I just am very grateful for all the support I ahve gotten from my friends, family and complete strangers with regard to my blog here and elsewhere. I am also quite pleased with the audience and feedback I receive from my YouTube videos. Although I am not well known now, and my view count is low, I realize that it takes time and energy to keep it going, and I truly will not forget those who have helped me along the way.

I will always stay true to my heritage, both in private and in public. I have no reason to believe that I will not have my own New England cooking show on some network within a year, and am striving with everything I have to do so. My friend, Michele Ragussis, and I stay in touch and she is truly a great role model for New England cookery. I will also bring the same clout and culinary expertise to the table and am doing that each and every column and post I make.

To have such great sponsors in W.A.Bean and Sons and Unifirst is also a great support system. All I can say is I will NOT let everyone down and when my book comes out in a couple of months, I think it may open up even more doors. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Even though I truly appreciate the opportunity the Bangor Daily News has given me to expand my readership base, I must also say a very special thank you to The Maine Edge. They were my first paper to say YES when approached about doing a food column. The staff there will always be dear to my heart and I could go on and on about the gratitude I have for them, but it would get boring after a while.

Suffice it to say, I am floored by the responses, good and not so good, I have had regarding my food column here at the BDN and hope that each and every one of you pay patronage as frequently as possible. I am The Yankee Chef and always will be. Thank you everyone, I owe a huge debt of gratitude to all of you.

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