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I have been blessed more than I could ever have hoped for since my foray into the journalistic world. I have had the privilege of obtaining the fantastic sponsor in W.A. Bean and Sons, of Bangor, Maine. I know some of you may get tired of me plugging them so much but read a different article then. I have NEVER tasted such great sausages in my life. Not only are their meats top notch but everyone over there are the friendliest bunch you will meet.

It is so nice to be able to pop on over whenever I want a great product at the same, if not less, than what I pay at the supermarket. The difference is, I know that they cut meat each and every day. THAT to me is the key difference. THAT is why I will be taking them with me wherever my book and “keeping my fingers crossed” my brand The Yankee Chef takes me.

I have seen many questions abut whether or not they ship and indeed they do.


Another company that has been good to me is Unifirst. When I was only writing for one paper, The Maine Edge, they were the first to offer me sponsorship with regards to my signature chefs coat, as well as another top of the line coat. Even though I plug them on most of my YouTube videos and many of my columns(both in state and out)I can’t say enough good about them. I was able to see Stacy(head honcho at Unifirst)whenever I needed or wanted. I didn’t realize just how wide-spread this company is, but they will always be my go-to company as The Yankee Chef brand spreads. Thank you Stacy and hope we stay partners for many years to come.


Finally, I would like to say thanks to everyone of my readers. It is because of your devotion that I have such a great following. In over a dozen newspapers in New England, 3 great blogs, YouTube videos, sponsorships, fans…you name it, I am fortunate enough to have been able to obtain it. All because of the public’s patronage.

Three more people, I would like to acknowledge. Patricia Wells, Tim Sample and Tom Estey.

Patricia Wells, because she has been patiently waiting for my cookbook to review and I hold very high esteem for her and her culinary French wizardry.

Tim Sample. Tim was kind enough to offer to review my cookbook as well as write some personalized stories for it until my publisher deemed the book far to lengthy to print with stories. Although I was unable to involve Tim’s stories in this book, my second will be fortunate to have his New England tales highlighted throughout.


And Tom Estey. I just don’t have words kind enough for this “good ol’ Brockton boy”. He is a NYC-based publicist of international renown. Yet, whenever I need to talk to him, he is always just a phone fcall away. When the time is right(it is very near now)I am honored and humbled that he has been holding a spot for me along side his other celebrity clients. Tom, I hold you in the highest regards and I couldn’t sign with any other publicist now that you have become my friend and endeared me to your “House of Honor”.

And I gotta give a shout out to Michele Ragussis. She was a runner up on the Next Food Network Star. We have become friends over the summer and she has also agreed to review my cookbook. Although she lives in New York during the colder months, she is a true Yankee and this Queen of Mussels is a force to be reckoned with.


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