A Word Or Two About Me

I have been blessed with many years of hard work under my belt and a teacher(my Dad)  who knew what hard work meant and instilled that into me. I would be not be The Yankee Chef if it were not for him. I have been quite fortunate to have acquired a book deal, sponsors and food column placements as well.

Now those of you who know me, know that I hate talking about myself but I feel as though I am overlooking what it really means to blog. Being a Yankee, I do have a sense of humor, but it may be so dry at times, it blows off with the slightest bit of a breeze.

Let me take my first “personal” blog post and tell you about the two sponsors that I have. First there is Unifirst. What a great company and an even better staff here in Bangor. When I first went their to talk to them about having some personalized chefs coats to wear to my cooking demonstrations, pro pictures for everywhere and for the back cover of my cookbook, they didn’t even blink an eye. He was so accommodating, I just wish there were more ways to show him my appreciation than just silently wearing these beautiful coats. But I do plug the company whenever I get a chance and do truly hope many more people seek them out when in need not only of kitchen attire, but for most blue collar and administrative careers as well. They provide so much in the way of uniforms to hospitals, stores, restaurants and much, much more. Thank you folks ever so much.


My second sponsor is W.A. Bean and Sons. My family has done business with them now for almost 100 years and I hope we do business with them for another hundred years. I am not saying that because they are my sponsor on YouTube, columns, blogs, sites and so forth either. They truly have the best in-house meats I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. Not many people know that they are open to the public every day except the weekends and offer so much in the way of meats, snacks, sauces, vegetables and fish. All at the same prices(if not better) than most supermarkets, and I mean even the BIG box stores as well. And you can be assured that they make their own sausages and cut their own meat every day there, not hanging around to be discounted after a week. The one item that has stood out among all others is their Smoked Chicken and Turkey. I know they are known for so much more but I have NEVER, repeat NEVER had better tasting Smoked Chicken in my entire life. The chicken is cooked and smoked and the flavor is smoky throughout. The minute you open their package, you get that aroma like it was just cooked outside on a smoker.This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Bean’s and I am one proud man having them on my side.